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We use our tool box and research to serve private companies, their ad agencies, and public / non-profit agencies seeking to:  

-- cost effectively acquire new customers and increase current
    customer life time value / re-engage lost customers

-- activate their brands and products at the retailer level using
    turnkey web programs bolted to retailer web sites and used
    by retailers / partners in their emails and social media posts

-- create "marketing content" that sells whether radio, video,
    digital, print
-- create sales leads and distribute them to retailers / partners
-- determine if local target markets are aware of them, total local
    demand and their share, and the media most effective in
    reaching their target market while also supporting internet
    marketing strategies.

We do that using

            -- Our own proprietary "smart web forms" and dynamic web site
                    advertising landing pages able to respond dynamically
                    based on referrer and customer input.  The system can
                    be bolted to web sites or used stand alone via kiosks and
                    smartphones, or driven by links in email and social media

            -- Media Audit and original research including data overlays and
                    traditional market research to define targets and estimate sales.

            -- "Smart" customer lists enhanced by data overlays driving
                    one-on-one personalized email / direct mail at key
                    junctures in the customer / sales lead relationship

            -- Conversion studies tracking sales sometimes back to the
                    originating advertisement to estimate ad ROI

            -- Marketing content that we create including internet video, 
                    smarter radio advertising, and "smart" ad landing pages
We have special programs for PowerSports, Tourism Agencies, Senior Housing, and Consumer Event Promoters via our on-going joint venture relationships with various consultancies.
We've had the opportunity over the years to put you in good company.  Clients by industry.  Some of the better known and less well known project relationships over the years by ourselves and with partners:

    Indianapolis Colts
    BMW Motorrad
    AutoNation Denver
    Princeton Sports
    The Olympic Authority
    Harrison County CVB
    Hanover Health Corp
    US Conference of Mayors


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